Our Breeding Cats

The parents of your wonderful kittens!

You will not see an endless list of breeding cats here. We are no kitten mill.
We are a small in-home cattery and take pride in our program and our breeding cats. All of our cats and kittens are registered with TICA - The International Cat Association and are purebred Bengal cats.
We test our breeding cats for PK-Deficiency and PRA-b.

Brown Rosetted Female 

Roxie is our pride and joy! She is a keeper girl from our breeding program, having everything that we were looking for - beautiful print rosettes, great structure, and an amazing temperament that we love! 


  • PK-Deficiency N/N

  • PRA-b N/N

  • Carrier for marble coat

Silver Rosetted Female

Grace was full of grace as a baby but turned into a little rascal after  lots of play with feather wands. Looking out the french doors into the forest is her favorite thing to do, she growls at birds and deer. Gracie's face and body structure is stunning, taking mostly after her stunning father. She is a caring mother, making the most adorable babies ever!

Silver Rosetted Male 

Ace is our newest addition and foundational to our Bengal breeding program. He is stepping in for Lemon (our previous stud). We are thankful to Elizabeth for this AMAZING boy and look forward to how each litter turns out from him. Ace has beautiful rosette markings with great contrast which will make for some BEAUTIFUL kittens.


  • PK-Deficiency N/N

  • PRA-b Pra/N