About Us

Professional Bengal Cat Breeders

Thanks for visiting our page! The Best Bengal cats are part of our family and TICA registered (The International Cat Association). We wouldn't have it any other way! Our cats grow up alongside our three toddlers, and you can sure bet on that meaning there's lots of playtime and cuddling happening at our house! Can you imagine life without a Bengal?! We sure can't!


The first two Bengals we adopted were a spotted Seal Lynx Point and a marbled Brown without having the thought of breeding. But we fell in love with them so much, we want others to experience the wild side that can be in your home but so gentle at the same time! From there was born the idea of The Best Bengal cattery.

As breeders here at The Best Bengal, our passion is to better the breed, by working on producing top quality Bengal kittens that are both healthy and have great temperaments for being amazing domestic cats. 

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